Sunday, October 01, 2006


My dad did not hunt or fish and as best I can remember his only hobby besides building things was "visiting". Seems we were always going over to someone's home to visit. We had several friends and relatives in the area so there was never a shortage of places to go.

On one such visit to my Aunt Rosie's home over in Booneville, I heard my first rumors of the aunts not so secret life. She was showing my mom her car that she had just bought in Santa Rosa. My aunt never worked outside of the home, and Uncle Frank (like most men of the era) handled the money from his paycheck. But here was my aunt with this beautiful Ford coupe.

Seems my aunt had a few boyfriends that were generous with their money. I loved my Aunt Rosie but she was not an attractive woman and was in her 40's at the time. Her and Uncle Frank were "oil and water" and no one knew why she stayed with a man that was overbearing and mean. I never saw him hit Aunt Rosie but their adopted son was his personal punching bag.


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